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Routine car care should include tire rotation.

It’s almost time to change your oil and have other routine car care jobs done. But you’re wondering if it’s REALLY necessary to rotate your tires. Sure, you understand that the inflation should be checked and someone should look at them to make sure there are no nails, worn tread or other problems. But moving them around on your car seems like a bit much. Isn’t it?

You’re not alone in thinking that. notes that tire rotation is one of the most neglected items when it comes to routine car care. And that’s bad. As explains: “Your tires benefit from a change of scenery from time to time because the weight and workload they carry is unevenly distributed among the four wheels. That makes them wear unevenly.”

The front tires, in particular, carry a heavy burden, especially on front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive systems set to operate in front drive most of the time: “When you apply the brakes, more weight shifts forward, further adding to the load. The front tires also endure wear and tear from powering and steering the vehicle, and they bear the brunt of cornering forces, when weight shifts to the outside of a turn. In contrast, the rear tires on front-drive vehicles are just along for the ride.”

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