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Under-inflated and poorly maintained tires are a safety hazard for Merced drivers.

You’ve been thinking about joining the ShadowChase Running Club so you can get in shape and maybe lose some weight. That’s a good goal. But you want to make sure you have the right shoes for running and that they’re in good condition and ready for the pounding they’ll take.

Just imagine what would happen if they weren't. At best, you're going to suffer while running. Slightly worse, you're going to have to pull off to the side and miss the fun. Even worse, you'll hurt yourself.

It's the same with your car. If its shoes - the tires - aren't in good shape, you can find yourself sidelined watching the crowd go by while you wait for a tow. And the likelihood that something is wrong is pretty high. AAA says studies have shown that 85 percent of drivers (that's millions of people) do not know how to properly inflate tires. Incorrectly inflated tires are a safety hazard.

Merced drivers can avoid that safety hazard by taking their vehicles to Don’s Tire and Service for an inflation check and tire maintenance. Don’s Tire has been the trusted Merced tire care shop for almost 60 years. Whether you simply want your tire inflation checked, your tires rotated and examined, or need a whole new set of tires, the car care experts at Don’s Tire can help you. Don’s Tire carries all brands, sizes and styles of tire to fit any driving need.

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