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Congratulations to One of the Best Auto Glass Technicians in the Country!

The 2016 Auto Glass Week has just wrapped up, and we would like to send out a big congratulations to Collin Walton for his stellar performance in the Auto Glass Technician Olympics (AGTO)! This is by far and away one of the most competitive events that take place at the conference, which aims to crown the best auto glass technician in the country.

The annual event brings together individuals from throughout the auto glass industry to learn about all of the latest technologies, best practices, innovations and participate in one of the more intense competitions, the Auto Glass Technician Olympics.

Collin represented Don's Mobile Glass at the AGTO in San Antonio and finished in the top 4 out of 24 contestants. That officially recognizes him as one of the top auto glass technicians, and we can tell you that he certainly earned the spot!

The competition aims to highlight the industry knowledge and expertise of technicians from across the country and beyond, with many of them traveling from outside of the United States to participate. Individuals must perform various auto glass repairs and replacements under timed conditions.

Additionally, contestants must showcase their in-depth knowledge of industry standards to ensure a safe and efficient installation. In this competition, judges expect precision. Contestants must also demonstrate their exceptional communication skills as they explain every step of their process as though speaking to a real customer.

As we said, this is pretty competitive, which is why Collin was closely monitored by a proctor judge throughout the two-day long competition! Not only that, but a rotating selection of industry specialists also judged and recorded each move he made throughout more than 30 checkpoints long-established by the AGTO.

If that doesn’t sound like a high-pressure scenario, the fact that there are over 100 spectators closely watching your every move might convince you otherwise!

Despite this, Collin showed an amazing level of determination, professionalism and skill leading him to an impressive finish in the top 4. We are immensely proud of Collin and honored to have him at our Merced Store.

Events such as the annual Auto Glass Week and AGTO competition offer the chance for us to better improve all aspects of our work. We can improve our knowledge, add new skills, and show our ability to take that extra step to ensure we continue to provide a world-class installation every time. We are excited for the next chance to compete at the AGTO!

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