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Stop for School | Brake Service, Brake Repair

Make sure you get brake service and any needed brake repair to help keep children safe around cars.

Now that’s school is back in session, kids are in and around cars even more (if possible) than they are during the summer. There are the trips to and from school and all those school and after-school activities. That’s why the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is urging drivers to remember that kids are on the roads and to remind parents of tips to keep their kids safe around cars. Those tips include making sure car seats are appropriate for your child and car and making sure older kids are buckled up before the car starts moving.

Another way to keep your kids safe is to make sure your car is in good working order. Take, for example, your brakes. You want to make sure you can stop quickly if someone else’s child darts out in front of you; and you want to make sure you can stop so your own passengers don’t get injured in a car accident. The best way to make sure your braking system works is to keep up with regular brake service at Don's Tire and Service. Don's has been the trusted brake repair, brake service, car repair and car care garage in Merced for more than 55 years.

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