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Starting Out | Merced Car Battery

It's hard to get going in Merced if your car battery dies.

If you've owned a car for any length of time, you've probably had it happen. You come outside in the morning, get in the car to go to work and ... nothing. Your car battery is dead. If you're not lucky enough to get a jump from a family member or a neighbor, you sit and wait until a tow truck comes to get you going again. And, that takes time. Especially during the morning rush hour when other hapless Merced motorists are sitting in their driveways waiting because their car batteries have also died.

New Zealand's Motor Trade Association, which governs car repair shops, says the typical battery has a life of four to six years, depending on many factors, but, with some care, a driver can extend car battery life.

Among those factors and tips:

"Make sure to check all of the electrical connections and ensure the battery is kept clean and dry. ...

"Frequent, short car trips contribute to an earlier lifespan for car batteries. It takes roughly eight hours of continuous driving for the alternator to fully charge the battery. If the battery infrequently receives a full charge, strong crystalline deposits can form on the negative plates and consequently prevents the battery from charging properly. ...

"If your car isn’t in use for long periods of time, removing the negative battery connection during periods of non-use assists in the longevity of your battery. Just make sure to reconnect the terminal before attempting to start the car.

"The electrolyte (acid/water) solution levels may be low. If your battery is not maintenance-free, you may need to adjust the solution levels. If the levels are low, be sure to use the necessary safety precautions when you are handling battery acid. Only use distilled water, or you will damage the battery."

Another tip: Basic regular car care will help keep your car battery going longer. But, no matter what you do, your battery is eventually going to wear out and you'll have to get. That's definitely the time to come to see the car repair experts at Don’s Tire and Service (if you haven't been going there for regular maintenance).

Don’s Tire has been Merced’s top car care and car repair shop for almost 60 years. Don’s Tire will have you on your way to the Casa Cup with no fear that your car will leave you stranded.

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