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Riding Around Merced | Car Care

Keeping your car running at peak efficiency all year long takes expert car care in Merced.

You're ready for the All Merced Road Ride tomorrow. This will be the first time you’ve tried to bike miles at a time in company and you've been practicing like mad to get fit enough for the event. One thing you've found as you've biked down the road to fitness - you need to take care of yourself and your bike, or you don’t get very far. Overlook that pain and you might end up with a serious injury. Ignore that tire, and you have a flat.

Your car is a lot like that. Just listen to the experts from Angie's List: "Auto mechanics say it's important not to overlook maintenance issues, or you could be faced with trouble - like an overheated engine - at an inopportune time."

And, Angie's List says, there are five car care chores "you can't afford to overlook": rotating tires and checking tire pressure; checking and maintaining proper fluid levels; a regular, comprehensive inspection; wiper blades; and making sure your timing and other belts are in good shape.

When you're looking for expert car care in Merced, the best place to go is Don’s Tire and Service. Don’s Tire has been the locally owned auto repair and car care center of choice in Merced for almost 60 years.

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