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New Year’s Resolution: Keep Up with Car Care | Car Care

A good way to start the new year is to resolve to stay current on car care.

With Christmas behind us, many of us are turning to the next seasonal ritual - making New Year's resolutions. Whether it's losing weight, stopping smoking, or getting more exercise, these resolutions usually fall by the wayside. But one resolution you should certainly make - and keep - is keeping up with car care. As the Car Care Council points out: "Buying a new car might sound cool and exciting, but keeping your current vehicle, and continually maintaining it at recommended intervals, makes more economic sense than purchasing a new one."

The council's executive director, Rich White, adds, "By simply budgeting the equivalent of just one new car payment, you could cover an entire year’s worth of basic maintenance on your current vehicle and redirect the rest to beef up savings, take a vacation, or pay off credit card debt, college loans and other bills.”

To really see those savings, the council suggests following a vehicle service schedule and making sure you have your vehicles inspected if you suspect there is a problem. You should also remember to address minor repairs before they become more complicated, expensive repairs.

Don's Tire and Service can help you with that car care resolution. Don's has been the trusted car care and car repair shop in Merced for more than 50 years. Don's is here to serve you and to help keep your car running trouble free for years to come.

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