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Regular car care will help your car last a long time and help you avoid major repair bills.

Life often seems like a balancing act, especially when it comes to spending. There just never seems to be enough money to pay every day bills, much less do something special, like buy tickets for one (or more) of the many events this weekend. And if an unexpected problem comes up - like a major car repair - you're in real trouble.

While you can't avoid all unexpected problems, you can maximize your chances that your car will run trouble-free, without major repair bills for years at a time.

“Fortunately, the answer is simple: Establish and follow a regular vehicle maintenance plan. A maintenance plan is essential for protecting your automotive investment and maximizing the reliability and safety of your vehicle,” says the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

The place to do that is Don's Tire and Service. Don's has been the trusted car care and car repair service company in Merced for about half a century. Don's ASE-certified auto mechanics can help keep your car on the road, trouble-free for years.

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