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It’s Zooper Bowl Time | Car Care

A bit of auto care now means you can get to the Zooper Bowl and other Super Bowl-related events this weekend.

If you're a big football fan - or you're just looking for a fun thing to do - you might want to prepare yourself for Sunday's game between the Panthers and the Broncos by getting a tip straight from the cat's mouth. Mac the panther's mouth, that is. It's all part of Zooper Bowl Saturday at Applegate Park Zoo.

But you're not going to make it to the zoo, or the grocery store for those all-important nachos and wings, if your car isn't running. And the best way to avoid problems is with regular car care and maintenance. quotes Jason Kavanagh, an engineering editor at the automotive site “Preventive maintenance keeps small issues from mushrooming into large—and expensive—ones.”

And, of course, the best place in Merced for regular car care and car repairs when they're needed is Don's Tire and Service. Don's Tire has been the trusted Merced car care and car repair shop for more than half a century.

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