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Get Started | Car Battery

If your car battery isn't working, you're not going to get started - early or late.

One of the great things this time of year is the American Graffiti Festival in Modesto. You want to get an early start for the drive from Merced.

But you're not going to go anywhere if your car doesn't start. The battery is the most likely culprit when a car or truck won't start. Of course, a battery is eventually going to wear out, but there are ways to prolong its life. Nationwide auto insurance offers these tips:

  1. Limit short rides.
  2. Keep your battery tightly fastened.
  3. Turn off all the lights when you get out.
  4. Control the corrosion.
  5. Test your battery often.
  6. Don't use electronics when idle.
  7. Care for your car as a whole.

In Merced, basic car care means dropping by Don's Tire and Service. Don's Tire has certified car care technicians who can test your battery and provide the basic car care you need to keep your battery (and your car) going for a long time. And when you do need a new battery, or other car repair, Don's Tire can also help you with that. Don's Tire has been Merced's trusted car care and car repair service center for almost 60 years.

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