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Squishy Brakes? | Brakes

If your brakes are soft, it's time to come by Don's Tire and Service.

You noticed something funny with your brakes when you were headed to work this morning. Instead of responding the way they normally do, your brake pedal felt soft and spongy. That's a sign, according to, that you have brake fluid issues. Maybe it's dirty or has gotten water in it. Or maybe you have a leak.

You definitely want to get your brakes fixed before you head off to this weekend's Wild and Scenic Film Festival. That means it's time to drop by Don's Tire and Service to have our certified auto mechanics take a look at your system. Maybe you need a leak repaired or maybe you simply need new fluid. Either way, Don's Tire can help. Don's has been the trusted car service and car repair shop in Merced for more than 55 years.

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