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A Wayward Car | Ignition Coil, Car Repair

If your ignition coil goes out, it's car repair time.

You were thinking of going to Saturday's fundraiser for the Wayward Ponies' Home. But now you're more worried about your car, which is acting pretty wayward itself. It's hard to get started, stalling and has low engine power. All the things you don't need right now.

Sounds as if your ignition coil - the part responsible for starting and supplying power to your car - is broken. That's a must-fix item. As says, "Because ignition coils supply power to the car's spark plugs, a faulty coil can cause any of these symptoms. If the broken coil is not replaced, it can cause long-term damage to the car's engine and exhaust system. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to signs of coil failure and repair the damage before the problem becomes more serious."

You need to come see the certified car repair technicians at Don's Tire and Service. Don's Tire has been the trusted car repair and car care shop in Merced for almost 60 years.

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