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Your Car Relies on a “Lumpy Stick” | Camshaft

A camshaft is “basically a lumpy stick,” according to It runs the length of you car or truck cylinder. As it rotates, the “lumps” are used to open and close the valves that regulate the air/fuel mixture for the engine to make it go. Clearly, this is an important engine part. If it malfunctions, or breaks, it can have a great impact on performance and could be signs of a massive engine failure to come. Symptoms of a sick camshaft include sputtering, failure to start, stalling, or poor acceleration. You’re not going to be able to make it over to the Stevinson Ranch to play golf if your camshaft goes. But the expert technicians here at Don’s Tire and Service can repair that camshaft or get you a new one if needed. And, sooner than you know, you’ll be on the putting green. Or at least at the 19th hole! 

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