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Learn Why Smart Cars Need Smart Windshields!


Cars are smarter than ever!

Windshield replacement can affect your car's most advanced systems. Recalibration is required for Lane Departure, Brake Assist, and More!

Many new makes and models come with advanced driver assistant systems like lane departure, brake assist, blind spot detection, collision avoidance systems that can slow-down or completely stop your vehicle, and more – all known as ADAS. These increase driver safety and can help you avoid an accident. But, how do they work?

ADAS systems use sensors that are imbedded within the vehicle and many times, located with attachments to the windshield.

There are several functions of ADAS that use a variety of different sensors. More and more vehicles today come with these systems and include imbedded sensors attached to windshields, windows and side mirrors to provide the driver with vital information to avoid collision.

If you have any of these features in your vehicle, your car is smarter than you think!

Rain Sensors – turn on wiper blades automatically

Blind Spot Detection – warning systems to alert drivers of a collision, some sound an alarm, others can actually apply pressure to the brakes

Lane Departure – another warning system designed to sound an alarm, alerting the driver to make a correction

Collision Avoidance Systems – in some cases, your car can apply pressure to the brakes & even tighten your seatbelt!

What to do?!

Don’s Mobile Glass in Merced and Modesto are here to help. We will notify you if recalibration is necessary, schedule this service at the dealership or other service provider, and even arrange your transportation!

Does Insurance Cover This?

  • If you file an insurance claim for your windshield replacement, we will bill the insurance company for the recalibration and arrange the appointment for you.
  • If you choose to pay for your windshield replacement out of pocket, we will help you arrange the necessary recalibration and either include it in the price of the replacement, or leave that between you and the service facility (your choice).

The important thing to know, is that we’re here to make the process as easy as possible to ensure your safety is NEVER compromised. For more information, give us a call at     (209) 723-3617. ADAS? We Can Help You With That!

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