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Auto Glass Quality Goes Way Beyond What You See

Quality Windshield Installation

All too often when a customer requires a windshield replacement, they think of it as nothing more than a minor nuisance. As a result, they will simply look for the cheapest replacement they can find, without really caring too much about the quality of the installation.

However, windshield replacement is a much more serious matter that should never be overlooked. It is important to ask the right questions, such as...

  1. Are you an AGSC-Registered Member Company?
  2. Do all the materials you use meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards?
  3. Does your adhesive manufacturer certify you, and who is the manufacturer of the adhesive?
  4. What type of warranty can I expect?
  5. How soon after my glass is replaced will I be able to use my vehicle?

Asking questions like these, could be the difference in saving your life.

Not everyone realizes it, but a windshield can save your life

The structural integrity of a vehicle relies on the windshield. It offers vital support for the cabin, making it a necessary safety component in the event of an accident.

For example, during a front-end collision a windshield offers as much as 45% of the vehicle’s structural integrity, while a rollover increases this to 60%. The difference a windshield makes in an accident is clear.

Moreover, the windshield can directly protect the driver and passenger of a vehicle during an accident. For instance, during a massive collision a windshield can prevent you from being thrown from the vehicle.

If the vehicle were to rollover during a crash, the windshield prevents the roof from collapsing in, protecting passengers from a potentially fatal accident. It’s also vital for the safe deployment of an airbag, so it is clear just how imperative a windshield is for automotive safety.

This is why a damaged windshield should never be neglected; do not hold off from getting the necessary repairs or replacement. If left unrepaired, even a small crack or rock chip can spread, leading to an eventual replacement. Be sure to address the issue as soon as possible and if a replacement is needed, be sure it's done right – it’s simply not worth the risk!

Our commitment to safety 

Here at Don's Mobile Glass, we are dedicated to your safety. It’s why we belong to the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC), a leading non-profit organization that educates both consumers and manufacturers about auto glass safety.

As an industry-leading body, the AGSC offers accreditation programs that establish and maintain the highest possible safety standards for the replacement of auto glass.

We task every technician to complete a thorough 6 to 8 week training program that ensures they are taught the highest possible standards in auto glass repair and replacement. No one touches a vehicle until they receive the necessary training.

In addition to this, we use the highest quality materials for the job. At Don's Mobile Glass, we only use SIKA® brand products to secure your windshield. SIKA® brand primers, adhesives, and activators are the highest quality bonding materials in the auto glass industry. Our certified technicians are trained to use these products the right way, communicate the proper drive-away time, and let you know how to care for your newly installed windshield.

We never compromise on safety procedures

As an auto glass replacement company, we never fail to understand the importance of our work. It is our goal to ensure the safety of our customers. If we fail to do our job, there is no guessing what type of repercussions there could be. Take a recent example of a customer that made us feel proud of the work we do…

One of our many certified auto technicians, Benito Fernandez, completed a windshield replacement for a customer in March 2017. Benito did what he is trained to do and properly installed the windshield.

It’s fortunate that he did, as the customer’s wife was involved in a head-on collision shortly thereafter. The severity of the accident was terrifying, with another vehicle literally going through her windshield.

The windshield remained fully bonded and thanks to the quality workmanship completed by Benito, Mrs. Clayton was kept from major harm.

Needless to say, Benito did a world-class job, making the difference between life and death, and we could not be more proud of him.

But this is a standard we expect from all of our technicians every, single day. It’s how we have remained strong in the auto glass industry for more than 50 years.

We aim to provide you with a world class installation every time and that means using the best products in the world and latest installation techniques. Our workmanship is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. That's how, We Can Help You With That!



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