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Call a Merced car repair expert like those at Don's Tire and Service if you smell something burning.

You were thinking of driving to Yosemite for the weekend, but you're a bit hesitant to get on the road because your car's engine seems to be emitting a burning smell.

You're right to be cautious. A burning smell is one indication that your transmission could be headed for trouble. But a burning smell might signal other problems as well. It's definitely time to take your car to a Merced car repair expert like the certified technicians at Don's Tire and Service.

The transmission, of course, is a hugely important part of your engine. And the best way to keep it going is to make sure you get regular basic car care. But there are other things you can do to keep your transmission in good shape. offers some. Among them:

  • "Get into the routine of checking your transmission fluid level and condition on a regular basis. This is the No. 1 thing you can do to help insure your transmission continues to run smoothly and trouble-free."
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommended service schedule.
  • "Do not tow a vehicle or trailer that exceeds the tow weight limitation of your vehicle.  Doing so causes tremendous heat build up inside the transmission."
  • "When  backing up, always come to a complete stop before shifting into drive 'D.'"
  • "When parking your vehicle, especially when parking on an incline, set the emergency brake ... BEFORE shifting the transmission into the park 'P' position."
  • "Do not spin the wheels when stuck."

Whether you're searching for Merced car repair or Merced car care, Don's Tire can help. Don's Tire has been Merced's trusted car care and car repair expert for almost 60 years.

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