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Steer Yourself Straight | Power Steering

When your car won't go where you want it to, you need to get someone to look at your power steering system.

Power steering is one of those vehicle components that takes little explanation: It basically uses hydraulics, or electronics, to make it easier to get your car or truck to go in the right direction. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the power steering system has many parts, any of which could fail. The ultimate result of a failure of any of the parts – or of a power steering fluid leak - is generally the same – it becomes harder, or even impossible, to steer your vehicle. In some cases, as when the power steering pump goes bad, you’re going to get some warning noise before things shut down.

Don’s Tire and Service has the experienced, certified mechanics who can analyze the situation, diagnose your steering problem and have you and on your way in no time.

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