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Need a Car Doctor for That Coughing? | Car Care, Car Repair

Regular car care can fix those odd sounds before they turn into major car problems.

When you first bought your car, it ran pretty much silently - well oiled engine, new springs. No creaks, clicks or coughs. But as your car has aged, it's started making all sorts of odd noises - from creaking to coughing to occasional sputtering. It's making you a bit nervous about driving even the short distance for the Holiday Artisan Fair, muchless taking a holiday road trip to visit friends and family.

It's definitely time to bring you car by Don's Tire and Service for a general health check because odd noises, like coughing or choking, could indicate one or more of several problems. Getting your car regularly checked is a way to ward off more serious problems later on because any potential difficulties can be caught early.

Don's Tire has been the trusted car care and car repair shop in Merced for more than 55 years.

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