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Make Car Care Easy with a Check List | Car Care

It can be hard to remember what to check and how often when it comes to regular car care.

You promise yourself to see that your car or truck gets regular car care, but sometimes you’re just not sure what comes next. Is it an oil change? Or is it time to check the brakes? Unless a light flickers on or something else starts going wrong, it’s easy to put things off.

The nonprofit Car Care Council has come to the rescue with a handy checklist showing how often different systems should be checked. For example, you should frequently check (or have someone else check) your dashboard lights, other vehicle lights, tire condition and inflation, windshield washer fluid and oil. Every three months, you should check all those things and add in checks to your automatic transmission fluid, battery and cables, belts, air filter, exhaust, hoses and power steering fluid. And so on, every six months, every nine months and every 12 months, adding in systems as you go.


You could make it really easy on yourself and drop by Don's Tire and Service to have a certified car mechanic do a regular health check up and provide the right car care at the right time. That leaves you to concentrate on important things – like not missing Jungle Jack Hanna.

Don's Tire and Service has been the trusted Merced car care and car repair shop for more than half a century.

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