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Looking for a Special Gift? | Car Care

Searching for that perfect gift? Get out of the mall and into a garage.

The time's getting short to find that perfect Christmas gift. You're stuck shopping when you'd just rather be chilling at A Christmas Story, The Musical or some similar event in Merced.

Actually, the difficulty is not finding the perfect gift for your motorhead honey - that Neiman Marcus Ferrari FF would be perfect. The problem is that you don't happen to have a spare $395,000 just lying around so you can buy it. Guess your loved one is stuck with the same car for another year.

But even if you can't afford the Ferrari, you can do something to make his (or her) ride a bit more spiffy and run better. You can get the gift of car care. Say, a gift certificate for some new tires. Or an oil change. Or a total car health check up. And, a gift certificate is MUCH easier to fit into a stocking than the Ferrari would be.

If you decide you want to give car care for Christmas, stop by Don's Tire and Service. Don's has been the trusted car care and car repair shop in Merced for more than 50 years.

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