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Heat Wave | Auto Air Conditioner

Feeling hot in your car? Time to get your auto air conditioner fixed.

The weather prediction for Merced today is hot, hot, hot. And that's expected to last most of next week. It's an early warning of what the summer will bring. It's so hot you're thinking twice about going to the Pick and Gather Festival. It'll be hot once you get there, but it'll also be hot driving there.

Sounds like your auto air conditioner needs some work. As reminds, you should get your auto air conditioner serviced regularly. And a good time to get it serviced is at the beginning of summer before the really hot weather sets in and you find yourself suffering even on short drives.

The place to get your auto air conditioner checked or serviced is Don's Tire and Service. Don's has been the trusted car care and car repair company in Merced for almost 60 years. Don's certified auto technicians will get your car cool again so you don't melt in the summer heat.

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