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Finding It Hard to Stop? | Brake Service

If it’s taking more effort to stop your car, you need to get your brakes checked out.

You were driving back from Yosemite on Labor Day when you started having trouble stopping your car. It just seemed to take an extra effort to get it stopped. At first you thought it just might be the effects of a lazy Labor Day weekend making you a bit slow, but it’s a sensation that has continued.

Sounds like you need to drop by Don’s Tire and Service to get your brakes checked out. Could be your vacuum booster needs work. According to “All modern cars have a vacuum booster which helps apply the brakes. If the diaphragm in the boost goes bad, or the hose becomes disconnected, pedal effort can rise and it will take more effort to stop your car. While possible to continue to drive your vehicle like this, it's not recommended as the effort required to stop the car is not something you will be used to, and panic stops may be compromised.”

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