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A Warning Flicker | Alternator

If your car's alternator has problems, get them fixed now before you have real trouble.

You were planning to drive over to the Fruit Yard in Modesto today for the Graffiti classic car show. Although it's not a long drive, you're wondering if you should go because your car has been acting odd recently with dimming and flickering dash lights.

Those are signs that your alternator could be going bad, says You might also have noticed a funny smell or heard a kind of growling sound. You need to get that taken care of before your alternator complete fails and your car dies. It's definitely time to run by Don's Tire and Service to have a certified technician take a look.

Don's Tire has been the trusted car repair and car care shop in Merced for almost 60 years. Don's Tire will have you back on the road again in no time.

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