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Radiator Service

Something we don’t often think about is how our cars or trucks stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. How does the radiator know? All kidding aside, the radiator is just part of a larger system usually referred to as the cooling system..

That seems a bit inaccurate, because why would anything have to be cooled during a Merced winter? Even though it is cold outside, your engine is operating at thousands of degrees when the fuel is ignited to drive that piston down. The heat transfers to the engine block and, if not cooled, the engine will crack and fail.

Effective dispersion of heat also helps the performance of your motor and can increase your MPG. As you can see, cooling your vehicle’s engine is very important.

Besides the radiator, the cooling system involves hoses, water pumps, fans, engine block cooling holes, thermostats, antifreeze, coolant, water reservoirs, radiator caps and, of course, a computer.

Part of routine service should include inspection of these parts and systems. At Don's Tire and Service, we can help you with that!

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