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Electrical Systems

The diagnosing and trouble shooting of a car’s electrical system can be like herding cats. Today’s cars have electrical systems so high tech and detailed that you need highly trained ASE certified technicians with the best electrical equipment to care for them.

Your car has multiple computer systems that connect to a main computer connected to your car’s electrical system by a wiring harness. Sensors, fuses, circuit breakers, relays, with different voltages and amps are everywhere in your car or truck.

Usually these systems make life easy and operating the car safe and reliable. Think about power windows or cruise control, GPS, Bluetooth, even the security system that works off a key fob. These are great things… when they work.

Now, let’s not forget about electric cars and hybrids. These are a whole different animal and include battery systems that operate at very high voltage. You have to know what you are doing to service and repair auto hybrids and electric vehicles. Go to a mechanic that doesn't have the right knowledge and training, and it’s very easy to become frustrated and end up spending lots of money trying to find the problem.

Let us make on-the-fritz electronics in your car a thing of the past!


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