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Car Suspension

Bounce – sway – ride – tire wear – handling – safety.  All important features of your car or truck’s suspension system. We love that smooth ride with very little noise or that European ride that is stiffer and sticks to the road. It is all engineered long before you walk into the dealership and needs to maintained just like any other part of your car.

Things wear out. Even springs and steel. Your suspension relies on different types of tools. Like shocks or struts, springs, leaf springs, tie rods, even air bags that change the ride. It’s not the same as it was years ago when it was simpler but a rougher ride.

Some of today’s suspensions even adjust by computer based on road conditions or your preferences. So how do you maintain a suspension system that is so advanced?

You guessed it. Come in to Don's Tire and Service in Merced for a vehicle inspection and regular maintenance. We carry and repair all kinds of suspension parts. We have the tools and technology to fix your car’s suspension and keep it performing.

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