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Transmission Repair

It’s what makes you go. The transmission takes power from the engine and turns it into motion. Either forward or backward. The small shifter that you use to put your car in gear is a small part of what’s happening with your car or truck.

If it’s an automatic transmission, moving the shifter into drive puts a series of complicated hydraulic systems into action all resulting in power to the wheels. Manual transmissions used to be all clutch and gears but now they also have some hydraulic features to make the clutch work a little smoother and more easily.

All those gears and shifting happen millions of times in the life time of a car or truck and you count on it working every time.

Automatic transmissions have many parts like the torque converter,transmission housing, shift controller, gearing, transmission fluid and lots of technology that rely on computers.

Manual transmissions have a clutch, clutch plate, gears, shifter, clutch pedal, grease and hydraulic fluids and, yes, they have computers, too.

So if your vehicle is slipping or doesn’t seem to go into gear properly, maybe late to shift? Come on in —–To Don's Tire and Service for a transmission service or transmission inspection.

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